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Hope and Home Schooling:

Home schooling Is what I hear many parents calling this time in our lives. I would say that homeschooling does not even begin to describe what we are doing. We are balancing the safety, physical, emotional, educational, financial and recreational aspect of our entire family while feeling alone, uncertain and scared. We are social creatures that seek the love and attention of those around us and hope for a better tomorrow. When the ways in which we get our needs met suddenly changes it is like a huge explosion and we try to find new ways to get the things we want and need. As a special education educator we always know that when we try to change someones behavior, that behavior increases before it changes. To me this is what this quarantine is like a behavioral change, and a life changing event. It is not an easy road to travel and the one thing that makes it all bearable is when we have a team of individuals listening to us, supporting us, giving us a shoulder to cry on and a friend to celebrate with. We are in the process of changing all of our behaviors at once in order to meet our communities needs which is scary! Please know that at this time I am here to brainstorm with you, cry with you and celebrate with you if you need help with your child. You are not alone give us a call if you just need someone to talk to. I know we will come out better and stronger for this journey we are on.

Posted 191 weeks ago
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