This blog post was created to provide parents of students with special needs with free, or cost effective resources for any budget to help anchor needed skills for the future. Enjoy and let us know if we can help in anyway. Feel free to share with your friends.


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Skip counting is a key foundation for math fluency, addition, subtraction and multiplication. As an educator I began to teach skip counting as early as Kindergarten if not preschool by playing games and giving a visual cue for each pattern. Some great videos for Skip counting that really worked for my students were by Jack Hartman and Scratch Garden. Have fun let you child verbally count out loud by 2,5, 10, 3’s etc. Have the child get up and move with the videos! I strongly encourage parents to use “YouTubeKids” App with parental controls in the App Store it is free. I searched Skip counting and many great videos appeared to help teach skip counting. Also remember to help transfer the skill by counting money, or utilizing it in a variety of real life opportunities. I posted a few I used.

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