This blog post was created to provide parents of students with special needs with free, or cost effective resources for any budget to help anchor needed skills for the future. Enjoy and let us know if we can help in anyway. Feel free to share with your friends.


AnchorEDu is a blog to provide parent support, parent and teachers free resources and strategies for working with Special Needs children.

Sight Word Resources: if you are looking for a reliable list of sight words based on your child’s grade level with activities then this website is for you! Your child is never to young or to old for sight word recognition! Fluency and comprehension is built on sight word recognition in my opinon. I recommend you ask the child a familiar phrase like “ what word” and if they do not know tell them and come back to it later. Sight words cannot be sounded out just learned by repetition. Have fun play games with words…make reading a fun adventure.

Posted 192 weeks ago
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