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Are we really still home schooling? How much longer until our children get back to school? Those are the questions that worry us as parents. I have heard from many of you that your students just don’t understand why the bus does not come and why they are not at school with their teachers and friends. Many of the teachers are using Google Meet to have class face to face video time which is awesome! I have had computer issues preventing me from doing some things I wanted to but we are back up and working today!!! I wanted to share an idea to keep your kids busy: 1. Arts and crafts are a great way get those hands busy using simple household stuff (Noodles, boxes, tape, glue, markers, salt, chalk…anything you can spare)! Sand art is amazing for students..start with writing child’s name on paper, pouring glue on the name then sprinkle sand over the glue. I color my sand by sprinkled it in a cardboard box and taking a piece of chalk and rubbing back and forth until you get the desired color usually pastels, or you can use good coloring but will need to let the sand dry. Have fun and look for more projects coming your way!

Posted 192 weeks ago
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